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Who We Are

My husband, Tim, and I moved to Rockbridge County in 2012 when Tim accepted a pilot job on the local EMS helicopter.  I was working prn as nurse, homeschooling my girls, and generally enjoying being at home tinkering in the garden when I could.  Growing up on a cattle ranch in MT, I had deep roots in agriculture but had never grown cut flowers.  Imagine my delight in discovering ALL THE THINGS that can be grown here that are nearly impossible in MT.  Five years ago I dug up two 60-foot beds in our front lawn, started seeds in the basement, and was able to behold the array of beauty and color every June through October in those two beds.  After our son was born last year, I resigned at the hospital and began to read and explore more about growing cut flowers. This spring Tim dug up six more flower beds, my girls and I planted thousands more seeds, and I started reaching out to a few women in my local church who might want regular bouquets from those rows.  

We have over twenty different varieties of flowers growing now, and I am so grateful to be able to wake up each morning, be out in the sunshine with my hands in the dirt, and to still be at home.  We are just so very thankful for those who have partnered with us thus far in ordering bouquets, dropping off jars and vases, and praying when torrents of rain or voles threaten the young plants.  

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